YorleTech (a division of Team Software, Inc.)

The YorleTech division of Team Software, Inc. began in June of 2018. Our original team consisted of Tom H., Tom W., and Chris. These three began to brainstorm the beginnings of The Book Of Yorle. It was decided to make a multiplayer world with up to four players, and to create it to function in virtual reality. After examination of the available engines, the UnReal engine from Epic Games was selected for the creation of this adventure-based role-playing game. Mary, Anthony, Nick, and Tiffany joined the team shortly thereafter, and the story, screens, maps, and characters began to take shape.


Anthony was selected to create the cave systems, while Mary created dungeons and our pirate ship. Chris, Nick, and Tiffany began work on the internal village buildings. Tom H. created our village and crypt, then joined Tom W. on our character AI. These two Toms (our leads on the project) performed the magic to make all of the interactable objects in our world function. Tom H. and Anthony began to create our Corn Maze, something we hadn't seen before in VR or a role-playing game.


Tom H. further developed the story line and our main villain while Anthony continued on to create some of our other monsters. Mary and Anthony worked together to build our multi-level castle. These two, along with Tom H., set up our character dialogue. Wildlife was added, including our dragons. Voice actors were brought in to add life to our characters.


As The Book Of Yorle nears completion, out team is working furiously to add finishing touches to all aspects of our world. Mary is writing most of the readable books, while Tom H. has created the player-buildable book. This book will be different for each game-player since it is built as the game is played, based on how you play the game. It stores pages you find along the way, as well as clues you may discover throughout the world of the Holy Yorle.


May the Holy Yorle be with you and help you and guide you as you travel through your adventures. And may you free the kingdom from the rule of the villainous Overlord.





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